This website exists to highlight the stark discrepencies between who Mercy Ministries present themselves to be and the factual evidence in circulation about them from an increasing number of former residents around the world.

Mercy Ministries poses as a Christian organisation that helps young women overcome a range of life controlling issues “using proven methods, a holistic approach and professional counselors”, and their counselling curriculum apparently “combines biblical principles of healing and unconditional love with best-practice clinical interventions”.  However, this statement vastly contradicts the dozens of stories in circulation where former residents claimed they were treated by unqualified counsellors with prayer and exorcisms, and their old counselling curriculum leaked in 2008 revealed that no “proven methods” were in use.  

Their counselling approach is simply one example of many very serious issues that they have received criticism for.  On several occasions, Mercy Ministries has been untruthful with the media with regard to a range of aspects of their program.  You will find many examples of this throughout this website.

*Quotes from the Mercy Ministries are current as at 6 April 2012, the content of which seems to change in response to critical media reports as they arise.


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