30 May 2009


Photo by anyjazz65 Flickr

Apparently Mercy Ministries Australia has employed Adrian Feben as their new Director of Operations.  Meh… so what I here you say?  Well Adrian also happens to be the son in law of the new figurehead, Margaret Stunt.  Nothing like keeping it all in the family to increase loyalty amongst the management team.

Mind you the rest of the family all seem to have been given jobs with Mercy

Working alongside her will be her husband, Fred, as well as her daughter and son-in-law, Jayne and Adrian Feben.

One wonders if this was part of the condition for getting the family here to Oz – ie that they have work to come to.

Do Mercy jut not care how this looks to the public, does the public care that Mercy Ministries is being run by a family with no stated qualifications in Health Care?

What happens if  there is a complaint regarding one of these family members?  Can residents expect fair treatment if they have a grievance?

Come on Mercy you’re not even trying to look “above board”.



What are your thoughts?

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